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    A Conversation for H2G2 Speaker’s Corner

    I live in Germany, but am just back from a trip to my family in the UK where in supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Booths there were jute bags for sale at the check outs. An accompanying notice claimed that in buying a jute bag you would protect the environment. PLEASE, before you buy a jute bag, I would beg you to reconsider your decision. Last year we visited Calcutta and one day were taken to a jute factory south of the city. It was about the most horrifying experience of my life, and I was assured that the situation is no different in other jute factories in India and Bangladesh, which is where most jute production is located. The factory was quite appalling. The machinery was Victorian (imported from Dundee in colonial times) and with no protective covering. I’ve never seen anything like it it was like some Dickensian nightmare, a mad world of rattling cogs and whirling spools and machines and belts, all apparently about to fall to pieces any moment. The lululemon outlet risk of injury, even to us just walking through, was very high indeed. The atmosphere was very hot, stifling in fact, but there was no air conditioning of any sort. The battered old machinery was deafeningly loud, and when we come out we couldn’t hear anything properly for about half and hour. The workers wore no ear protectors and I imagine that after a few weeks on the factory most of them would suffer severe damage to their hearing. The whole interior was covered in six inch thick layers of jute dust and fibre, so the workers were not only subjected to noise pollution but breathed in jute fibres all day, as they had no protective masks of any kind. My husband, wh lululemon outlet o is a doctor, told me that breathing in jute dust and fibre in that quantity is deadly for the lungs and can cause terrible diseases and even death. We were taken to the dyeing shed, where the jute is dyed those nice bright colours you see in supermarket bags in Britain, but couldn’t go in because of lululemon outlet the stench. Running out of the lululemon outlet open sheds were rivers of poisonous substances like vitriol that are used in the dyeing process. The workers here, as in the rest of the factory, were thin as rakes and bare footed and and dressed only in a few pathetic rags generally threadbare t shirts and trousers full of holes. We were told there was a workers’ canteen but did not see anything of the sort, only a few men brewing up tea on a home made stove outside. We were told that the jute business is highly competitive and that firms can only pay workers an absolute minimum. We were also told that the watchword of the firm was ACCOUNTABILITY. If a worker made an error he would be warned, and if he made an error twice he would be sacked. ACCOUNTABILITY, however, seemed to be a totally one sided affair. There was no mention of the accountability of the management towards the workers. Since that I have only used plastic bags, which I store and re use as often as possible. Researcher 7575407; journal entry

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    A Conversation for Favourite Childhood Sweets and Candy

    Milk bottles. What on earth were they made from and flavoured with? lululemon outlet They were kind of a gum I guess, white, opaque, in the shape of half a milk bottle split lengthways, with a taste. vanilla maybe? I dunno. I lululemon outlet ng> lululemon outlet loved ’em though, and at 10d a quarter I could buy 2oz quite easily (anything a shilling a quarter and over was out of my range). There were lots of good sweets in jars Kola Kubes, pips (orange, lemon, spearmint), pear drops, acid drops, raspberries and blackberries. My cousins in Lancashire called them Lucky Bags, but in London they were Jamboree Bags. A small paper bag which cost 4d, and contained a handful of small sweets, like swizzels but harder, a lollipop, two caramels, and a small toy. I believe you can still get Swizzels lollies a hard (as concrete) two coloured lollipop made of sugar paste, slightly bigger than a gobstoppe lululemon outlet r which lasted forever because you couldn’t bite into them without the risk of severe dental damage. You just had to suck and suck and suck. And speaking of lasting forever, Everlasting Strips were a long (about 9″ I guess) piece of very weird tasting and dark coloured toffee which didn’t last anywhere near as long as a Swizzels lolly and cost 1d more.

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    A Conversation for Eleven Pipers Piping

    The massed band of the Nempnett Thrubwell Pipers may be lacking in numbers (only eleven of them), but they more than make up for it in enthusiasm. I just wish they wouldn’t practise so early in the morning. Some bright spark read that there is an island in Scotland that doesn’t recognise the Gregorian Calendar, and so is several days behind the rest of us. Never ones to miss an opportunity, the Pipers have decided to hold ‘the First Hogmanay of the New Millennium’ next week in sympathy with the islanders. Twisted logic here, I feel. Nevertheless, despite torturing us last Friday, the Pipers are practising hard for their next outing. Pass the earplugs, please.

    Obviously a Sassenach with a deprived (depraved?) upbringing who has no concept of the finer points of the pipers’ art. The whole purpose of the piping profession is to expend so much energy in the execution(?) of the pibroch that large quantities of the Water of Life are required to resuscitate the piper. The enjoyment or otherwise of those unfortunate enough to be listening is neither here nor there. Fortunately, in the large majority of cases those listening have previously fortified themselves with the same elixir as thos participating so a guid nicht is generally had by all except Sassenachs without the sense to similarly prepare themselves! Jim Craig

    None of you gits realise the true motivation behind the pipes. The reason is actually in lululemon outlet your own arguments. The pi lululemon outlet per is actually trying to get rid of people from his/her imme lululemon outlet diate vicinity; whether you lululemon outlet consider “immediate” to be 1metre away, or half way round the planet is up to you. The enemy would spend the most important part of the battle (the part just before you get stabbed) wishing they were in New Zealand, then, as they die would lay in amazement, wondering how they could actually wish they were in New Zealand.