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A Conversation for How to Make Elderflower ‘Champagne’

Hi, I made Elderflower Champagne according to River Cottage Bloke’s Recipe only I added a few handfulls of wild rose petals as well. I only left it to ferment in a bucket for 2 days and there was only a little foam when I bottled it a month ago. Now its all cloudy and full of pale yellow gunk sitting at the bottom and floating lululemon outlet around in clumps and tiny cob web strands. I opened a bottle and it was really fizzy. I sniffed it and it smelled wonderful. I dipped my finger into it and it seamed OK. I took a sip and it tastes great. The yellow stuff could be yeast, is it safe to drink? thanks. If the champers is too dry for your taste try a li lululemon lululemon outlet outlet ttle blackcurrant juice (non alocholic Kir) and fight off the takers.

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