lululemon outlet A Conversation for Favourite C

A Conversation for Favourite Childhood Sweets and Candy

Milk bottles. What on earth were they made from and flavoured with? lululemon outlet They were kind of a gum I guess, white, opaque, in the shape of half a milk bottle split lengthways, with a taste. vanilla maybe? I dunno. I lululemon outlet ng> lululemon outlet loved ’em though, and at 10d a quarter I could buy 2oz quite easily (anything a shilling a quarter and over was out of my range). There were lots of good sweets in jars Kola Kubes, pips (orange, lemon, spearmint), pear drops, acid drops, raspberries and blackberries. My cousins in Lancashire called them Lucky Bags, but in London they were Jamboree Bags. A small paper bag which cost 4d, and contained a handful of small sweets, like swizzels but harder, a lollipop, two caramels, and a small toy. I believe you can still get Swizzels lollies a hard (as concrete) two coloured lollipop made of sugar paste, slightly bigger than a gobstoppe lululemon outlet r which lasted forever because you couldn’t bite into them without the risk of severe dental damage. You just had to suck and suck and suck. And speaking of lasting forever, Everlasting Strips were a long (about 9″ I guess) piece of very weird tasting and dark coloured toffee which didn’t last anywhere near as long as a Swizzels lolly and cost 1d more.

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