lululemon outlet A Consumer’s Guide to Cheap Di

A Consumer’s Guide to Cheap Diaper Bags

This is a consumer guide to inexpensive diaper bags. I went to the local Wal Mart and found a few of their bags worth checking out. They are all in the same price range, but the quality of each bag differs as well as the main features. The first one I looked at was from Disney Baby and is of the Days of Hunny line. It sells for $15.00. It is smaller than the normal diaper bag, and would be good for short trips. It is tan and green; not bright or vibrant. It has a strange style to it with the front being a large green zippered pocket and the main opening of the bag in an oval shape. It looks strang lululemon outlet e, but opens up rather nicely. The inside of the zipper lululemon outlet ed pocket has two stretchy mini pockets to hold skinny bottles or rattles. The inside of the main bag is nice as well and is very roomy. The two bottle holders on the sides of the bag are of nice size, too. It has an adorable embroidered patch of Pooh Bear and Tigger hugging. The overall appearance and construction of this bag is nice for the price. I would recommend it.

The next bag I looked at caught my eye with its vibrant blue on blue colori lululemon outlet ng made by Carters, Child of Mine and is $15.00 as well. It has two deep pockets on the sides for bottles and a large zippered front pocket that zips not just across, b lululemon outlet ut all the way around. It has nice netting inside the pocket to hold many little things baby needs. On the outside of that huge pocket, are two smaller ones. One has a flap, and one has a zipper. This bag is not short on pockets to store things. The main pocket at the top opens up like a dual zippered duffel bag. There are no interior pockets and the pad it comes with for changing is rather thin. The exterior of this bag is very useful, but the interior is lacking. It has solid construction, so I would recommend this for the busy Mom that needs everything right at hand, not inside.

The Tinkerbell bag, by Disney, is the third bag I inspected and is $17.00. It is larger than the previous two and is brown with pink swirls and pink edging. The main feature of this bag is that it can convert to a backpack. It has a flip top, and is styled like a messenger bag. The inside has multiple bottle holder nets and the standard zippered slot. The design is cute and eye catching, but it lacks in features and the top is absolutely horrible to try to access. It does not open well and you have to try to cram things in it. I would not recommend this bag at all. If it was hard for me to open alone, imagine trying it with my 1 year old. No thank you. The large Tinkerbell on the outside of this bag is cute, but that is where the cuteness ends. I was so turned off by the lack of accessibility; I didn’t even rate the construction.

Sesame Street makes the next bag and it is very vibrant and eye catching. The main colors are yellow and green and it has a huge clear plastic front pocket. This pocket has the popular Sesame Street characters on it. The main body of the bag is large, but there are no little pockets or mesh to hold things inside of it. There are two bottle holders on the outside of the bag, and they are of tight construction so the bottles won’t fall out. The interior and exterior is of solid construction as well, and for the price of $15, I would buy this for my daughter. I wouldn’t use it for a newborn because there are no pockets for all the little things you need for them. It is perfect to hold the larger baby food jars, diapers and clothes for the older baby.

The last bag is a blue and brown quilted diaper bag. I am an avid quilter and this bag is very pretty. There are no pockets on the outside, only the pretty quilting. I opened the bag and took out the paper to find many, many places to hide and stash everything baby needs! There are pockets and mesh nets, and places for spoons or rattles. Then, I felt the fabric, and was immediately disgusted. The fabric lining is so thin you can see through it. You can almost snag it with your nails! This bag has many pockets, but they won’t do you any good if the lining is not strong enough to hold the items! I was so disappointed by this bag that I forgot to even see who made it. This monstrosity is $15. I do not recommend this at all. Once a diaper bag’s lining is ripped, the bag is not safe to use anymore because your child might stick her head inside of it, looking for a treat. No thank you.

You can also shop for diaper bags online at many different sites. The prices are a bit cheaper, but the shipping costs make up the difference. One thing I would think about when shopping online for a diaper bag is how you are going to check the integrity of the bag. The construction is just as important as the features, so shop wisely. ferguson

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