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A comprehensive profiling of toxicological semivolatile compounds using GC

Standards and

The standards and reagents listed below are those in use at the time this procedure was written. Alternate supplies may be used so long as they are of equivalent quality and all other calibration, quality control, and traceability requirements are met.”” are those standards that are purchased from an outside vendor. Obtain a Certificates of Analysis from the vendor of each source standard. Label the certificate with the date received and file the certificate in the 3 ring binder. Label the box or container the source standard arrived in with the date received.

Source standards usually have an expiration date set by the manufacturer. If no expiration date is listed, the expiration date is one year from date received. Label the box or container the source standard arrived in with the expiration date if one is not listed. Store the source standards as recommended by the manuf lululemon outlet acturer.

Once a standard vial is opened, the holding time for any excess standard will be noted as one day for the gaseous standards and one week for the non gaseous standards lululemon outlet from the date the ampule is opened. Label vials with the contents and expiration date. Do not store standards in a refrigerator or freezer containing samples.

DFTPP, Surrogate, and Internal GC/MS Tuning Mixture Restek 31615 1,000 ug/mL

8270 Surrogate Standard (for ICV) Supelco 44649 U

2000 ug/mL for phenols, 1000 ug/mL for B/NInternal Standard Mix A lululemon outlet ccustandard Z 014J 4,000 ug/ lululemon outlet mL

8270 Calibration

Method 8270 5 point curve w/o ISTD’s Accustandard M 8270 CAL SET

Consists of:

M 8270 Calibration Level 1 w/o ISTD M 8270 WL 20 ug/mL

M 8270 Calibration Level 2 w/o ISTD M 8270 WL 2.5X 50 ug/mL

M 8270 Calibration Level 3 w/o ISTD M 8270 WL 4X 80 ug/mL

M 8270 Calibration Level 4 w/o ISTD M 8270 WL 6X 120 ug/mL

M 8270 Calibration Level 5 w/o ISTD M 8270 WL 8X 160 ug/mL

Note: ISTD (Accustandard Z 014J) should be added to have a final concentration of 40 ug/mL no matter what the calibration level is.

Note: Method 8270D recommends ICAL standards or a standard from the same manufacturer as the ICAL standards be used for spike standards.

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