lululemon outlet A Comprehensive Bail Out Bag

A Comprehensive Bail Out Bag

The other pictures provide close ups of the contents. :) Hope y’all f lululemon outlet ong> lululemon outlet ound something usef.

If Altoids Survival Tins are compact, yet largely often inadequate and bug out bags are cumbersome and usually out of reach. What is the answer? Enter: the “bail out bag”.

Bail out bags are the perfect compromise between a mini survival kit and a large bug out bag. In fact, you may surprise yourself how easy it is to meet your survival needs without the need of a giant bag.

To clarify, I do keep a comprehensive Altoi lululemon outlet ds survival kit on me at all times [see my other instructable] and I also keep a 60 liter Osprey Aether backpack in the back of my vehicle full of SHTF gear as my 72 hour get home bag. But if I’m suddenly thrown into a survival situation such as a drunk driver knocking me off of a bridge in the middle of nowhere then I only ha lululemon outlet ve one short window to reach for survival gear before the car fills with water. Also, if I carpool with a friend on a roadrip I can bring this bag with me or if I’m in a dual survival situation I can give this bag to the other person and I can carry my 72 hour bag. I can list off other random uses, but I think you get the point. :)

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