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A comparison of usual care with self blood pressure measurement

Blood pressure self measurement is increasing in most communities and yet its role in the management of hypertension is poorly u lululemon outlet nderstood. This study was devised to evaluate the behaviour of doctors in general practice when treating patients with poorly controlled essential hypertension who use self measurement. Patients, most of whom were alr lululemon outlet eady taking antihypertensive medications were commenced on perindopril or indapamide at their doctor’s discretion and were randomly allocated to self measurement (SM) using an OMRON HEM706 oscillometric device or a continuation of their usual care (UC) over an 8 week period. This was an observational study without any specific or set treatment goals for the doctor to follow. Sixty of 62 subjects completed the study and the two groups were equally matched for age, body mass index, gender, and blood pressure (BP). While additional perindopril or indapamide produ lululemon outlet ced a significant fall in BP in both groups over the study period, the systolic pressure remained significantly hi lululemon outlet gher in the SM group (sitting 148 3 compared with 142 3; 145 3 compared with 138 3 mm Hg respectively; P

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