lululemon outlet A club sandwich can set you ba

A club sandwich can set you back

USA TODAY For many travelers, the price of ordering a basic sandwich from the hotel’s room service department is a major pet peeve.

A new study by TripAdvisor, however, reveals that prices of room service items vary greatly by location. In fact, in some cities, they’re not all that bad.

Perhaps most surprisingly, New York the USA’s most expensive rate for hotel rates doesn’t top the list of being the most expensive for room service, according to the new study by the online review giant.

That honor goes to Honolulu, the popular tourist destination where hotel rates have been soaring since last year. Las Vegas, where revelers tend to make impulse purchases, ranks No. 2.

How did TripAdvisor measure room service costs?

The company recently priced out six often ordered items in four star hotels in 60 destinations around the world to get an apples to apples comparison for its newly launched “TripIndex” of room service prices. The six items include a club sandwich ordered from room service; a bottle of water, mini bottle of vodka, peanuts and a can of soda purchased from the mini bar, and dry cleaning for one shirt. cities where lululemon outlet your room serv lululemon outlet ice dollar goes farthest, according to the index:

Denver $40.46

Los Angeles $50.60

Orlando lululemon outlet $51.19New Orleans $51.74

San Francisco $52.24

The same six items will cost you about $65 in Honolulu, and just over $64 in Las Vegas, accordi lululemon outlet ng to TripAdvisor.

But those prices pale in comparison to Moscow, the most expensive city in the survey, where the items will set you back about $83. Behind Moscow is Paris, at about $69. cities solely on the price of a club sandwich delivered to your room, the order changes. ($17.35).

Boutique hotel icon Ian Schrager has been trying to change consumers’ perception about ridiculous room services prices at his Public Hotel in Chicago, where the best available rate for tonight on its website costs $195.

The hotel’s room service program, called “Public Express,” is served in brown paper bags instead of on white clothed carts delivered by dedicated staffers.

She praised the modern delivery process, which does away from the stodgy formality of chain hotels.

“I remember a knock on the door, a stylish young man handing me a brown paper bag with my breakfast in it and then disappearing quickly,” she says. “I didn’t have to sign anything either.”

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