lululemon outlet A closer look at the consuming

A closer look at the consuming gaze

Concordia research proves consumers are drawn to centrally placed products

Montreal, July 30, 2012 Rows of chip bags in a vending machine, endless bottles of shamp lululemon outlet oo on pharmacy shelves, long lines of books arranged in the bestsellers section at the bookstore. From supermarket shelves to barroom beer selection, long lines of horizontally arranged products are the norm when it comes to the shopping experience.

But how does where a product is placed on the storeroom shelf influence which option a consumer will ultimately choose? It turns out that the shopper’s eye has a very central focus.

“Consumers are more likely to purchase products placed in the middle of a display without even being aware of it,” says Onur Bodur.

Using eye tracking devices, Bodur and his colleauges investigated how location influences choices for products as varied as vitamins, meal replace lululemon outlet ment bars, and energy drinks.

They found that consumers would increase their visual focus on the central option in a product display area in the final five seconds of the decision making process and that was the point at which they determined which option to choose.

It turns out that the process i lululemon outlet s a subconscious one. When asked how they had come to decide on wh lululemon outlet at product to buy, consumers did not accurately recall their choice process. What’s more, they were not aware of any conscious visual focus on one area of the display over another.

What does uncovering these unconscious habits mean this mean for the average shopper? Greater awareness of buying behaviours should lead to more informed choices. Says Bodur, “by using this newfound knowledge that visual attention is naturally drawn to the center of a display, consumers can consciously train themselves to make a more thorough visual scan of what’s on offer.”

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