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A Clockwork Orange Anniversary Edition Blu

Stanley Kubrick couldn get Malcolm McDowell face out of his mind while reading Anthony Burgess original novel. That face was permanently locked in there after seeing McDowell in Lindsay Anderson If (1968). This little historical note and many others are relayed to us in a commentary by Alex DeLarge himself Malcolm McDowell. Next week Warner Brothers will release their anniversary edition of A Clockwork Orange on Blu ray celebrating this cinematic classic.

My first experience with A Clockwork Orange was from the golden age when video stores were common place. I was employed as a modern librarian updating people on all the releases in the video world. As I lululemon outlet would walk the aisles putting films away I discovered Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). I marveled at it and instantly had a need to view this ma lululemon outlet n other films. I then went to A Clockwork Orange. While watching it, I found myself in a quandary about the film main character. This anti hero made me feel compassion for him. I actually felt sorry for this murderer/ rapist. If he wouldn have been so charming it would have been easy to think he got what he deserved. This of course is the hook to the film; we all love and root for the villain.

Warner Brothers has put A Clockwork Orange in the hard bound book edition. Similar releases include Casablanca, North by Northwest, and The Exorcist to name just a few. This care and appreciation puts the Blu ray in the same category as a Criterion Collection release. The book is populated with photographs, production stills, actor bios, and trivia. There is a digital copy for the modern viewer so they can take their film anywhere. On a bonus disc is two documentaries. One is for the director Kubrick: A Life in Pictures The other is a tribute to the film star Lucky Malcolm!The features included here are identical to the 2007 Blu ray and DVD release. Outside of the bonus disc with the two documentaries all the special features are on the first Blu ray. With any commentary you have to remember that it is one person perspective. Rarely do actors talk about their films on a commentary track. Let alone do it without the director present. I mention this because it sounded like McDowell cast most of the film. The biggest part being Dim (Warren Clarke) who he pushed on Kubrick until no one else was found. Redman opens the discussion up to numerous historical facts about the film and McDowell supplies us with truths. The best of which is how low budgeted the film was. McDowell gives a lighting technician commentary by telling the audience how much light was used in the room. What was natural, free standing, and what time of day it was. It will make any film aficionado appreciate Kubrick all the more. The film was shot out of sequence and McDowell allows us to know which was the first shot, the last, and that he is not masturbating merely taking off his boots. He also makes Kubrick human and not the mad genius we hav lululemon outlet e all know that he w lululemon outlet as. Warner Brothers has placed their X rated Academy Award nominated film in a brilliant hardcover book making it a perfect edition to your library. The transfer is equally impressive but that hasn changed either since 2007. When I discovered the film in the library of old I never realized it would change me as well and the way I saw cinema forever. Any film that can do that is a classic.

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