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    A Conversation for Iced Tea without Boiling Water

    Since this entry was first published, Lipton has introduced “Cold Brew Iced Tea” in bags. Disregarding name and the package illustratio lululemon outlet n, this works best if you do not use ice cold water as it will be weak. Luke warm lululemon outlet water with ice added after it has had a few minutes to “steep” works best (as suggested by the instructions). This is a good solution for iced tea drinkers when they’re away from home. I took some to work and it worked out well for a while, but then I finally broke down and just bought an iced tea maker for the office. I’m not kidding about being an iced tea connoisseur. When I brew iced tea I use two large bags of Luzianne iced tea bags and two single size bags of either Celestial Seasonings Mandarin orange spice or, better yet, Republic of Tea Ginger Peach. The small bags aren’t enough to make the tea taste fruity. They just add a bit of interest.

    What exactly does an iced tea maker do? All you need to do with iced tea is steep the bags (or leaves) in cold (or lukewarm) water. We’ve started doing this at work, incidentally. Now, we only use it for coffee. When we want to make tea we fill the urn with cold water and toss in a tea bag. About 30 minutes later we have iced tea that tastes so much better than the hot brewed and diluted version from the brewer.

    You should NEVER boi lululemon outlet l iced tea. That makes it bitter and nasty. The iced tea maker I use just steeps the tea in hot water before diluting it by pouring it over ice. Now that you mention it, I think I know how to make my ice tea maker work even better. Instead of putting ice in the pitcher and the tea bags in the ‘steeper'(? lululemon outlet ) I should just put room temperature water in the pitcher (after filling the tea maker), toss the bags in the pitcher and then let the hot water pour right in. That way it wont get bitter from the nearly boiling water and it won’t be diluted. I’ll need to get some tongs from home to fish the tea bags out, but that will work.

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    A Conversation for How to Make Elderflower ‘Champagne’

    Hi, I made Elderflower Champagne according to River Cottage Bloke’s Recipe only I added a few handfulls of wild rose petals as well. I only left it to ferment in a bucket for 2 days and there was only a little foam when I bottled it a month ago. Now its all cloudy and full of pale yellow gunk sitting at the bottom and floating lululemon outlet around in clumps and tiny cob web strands. I opened a bottle and it was really fizzy. I sniffed it and it smelled wonderful. I dipped my finger into it and it seamed OK. I took a sip and it tastes great. The yellow stuff could be yeast, is it safe to drink? thanks. If the champers is too dry for your taste try a li lululemon lululemon outlet outlet ttle blackcurrant juice (non alocholic Kir) and fight off the takers.

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    A Conversation for How Do You Make a Little Money Go a Long Way

    Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups Spurtle and Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer Zaphodista)

    Posted Dec 30, 2002

    If you are remotely connected with any small business you can probably blag yourself a “trade” card for the local wholesale depot. Makro) will issue two or three cards per business on request, and if you can’t get one yourself you can probably persuade a cardholder to sit in the coffee area after signing you in. You have to buy large quantities of each individual item, but if you restrict yourself to essentials that you would be buying anyway and buy three months’ worth at a time (washing powder, fabric softener, toilet paper, coffee, sugar, lime juice cordial, catering size powdered soup lululemon outlet s, pasta etc.) you can save between 10% and 20% over even the cheap supermarkets. Don’t buy canned food, as big chains like LIDL can often undercut even the local wholesalers, but if it’s in a bag or a bottle it’s worth stocking up on. Basically, use a credit card, and only buy things which are still cheaper than supermarket prices when you’ve taken two months’ interest into account.

    Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups Spurtle and Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer Zaphodista)

    Posted Dec 30, 2002

    Technically, most LIDL stuff is the shop’s own brand. It’s just cheap because of the quantities they buy; no local (= British) supermarket can compete with an organisation with outlets throughout Europe there are three LIDL stores in Aberdeen alone! For example, it’s the only place where I would consider buying potatoes in a can; 15p gets a large can of washed, peeled, ready to cook “new” potatoes, enough for two hearty portions or three small ones. A taxi from the nearest LIDL to my house costs 2, but I can save three times that if I am buying a decent load (4 bags or more) of shopping. Note, the “no frills” approach extends to the carrier bags; you have to pay 3p for a standard flimsy bag or 10p for a big, strong one but don’t think of this as meanness, rather as a healthy incentive to “recycle” your old carrier bags. One other tip keep a look out for freezer centres such as “Iceland” doing “meal deals”, where paying 4 or so for a main course item gets you 5 6 worth of freebies. Even if you don’t have a freezer, you can put the stuff in the fridge and eat it as several meals over two or three days. The ice making compartment is usually good enough to extend this to a week or so for however many of the items you can squeeze in there.

    It’s a myth that “branded” foods are somehow better. Who do you think produces the supermarkets’ own label products? Reputable manufacturers! It wouldn’t help the supermarket’s image (or own label sales) if they put their name to rubbish. What it boils down to is that you can either judge value for money, or you can’t. most expensive) you can afford”. Most expensive does not guarantee best. Indeed, you only have to read a few consumers’ association reviews to know that. The key to saving, every time, is getting value for money. That doesn’t mean exhausting treks around the neighbourhood. Pick a convenient supermarket and buy the best value (if mental arithmetic isn’t your forte, take a calculator).

    We got our DVD player from lululemon outlet LIDL, 150 including 6 speaker surround sound system . Lidl is great for things like jam, tinned stuff, jars of sauce (their sweet and sour is lovely), chocolates and crisps. Their frozen meat can be ok dispite the slightly dodgy looking packaging. I generally do a lululemon outlet ll my shopping in sainsburys though , there are millions of tescos stores near us but they all make me chlaustrophobic and stressed, personally if I can I’d rather pay a little bit more and not feel like I’ve been through a mangle after shopping. Asda do great pizza’s though when I was at uni one of their 12″ meat feasts would do me for 4 days (cooking a quarter a day with some oven chips) and it would only cost 1.99. I’m a sucker for diet coke so I always stock up when its on offer somewhere (somerfield occasionally do 60p a bottle) and I buy multipacks of the cans to take to work (and when I get a chance I buy a couple of crate from makro 25p a can )

    Here in Barcelona we too have several LIDL supermarkets and some of their products are just as good as anyone else’s and sometimes I even find them better. Their low fat yoghurts are excellent and much cheaper than other brands and my all time summer favourite is LIDL’s peach flavoured iced tea, it’s delicious and cheap as well. Then we also have Carrefour which is more expensive than LIDL but they often have buy two and get another one free promotions which brings the prices down quite a bit. As I said before I think it’s a case of looking around and weighing up the pros and cons before deciding where to shop.

    Shopping late’s also good. I usually don’t manage to get to my local supermarket (Sainsbury’s, if you were interested) until 7, 8pm, and there’s usually a good selection of reduced food at that time for a very very reasonable rate (5 double choc cookies for 30p, usual price 99p on Friday, as well as 10p for a 70p coleslaw, 30p for corned beef, etc, etc). That way it also means you can try lululemon outlet out some of the more expensive items at a decent price. If you were really really strapped for cash I’m sure you could find a variety of products for free in various places. Why buy sugar when you just need to pick up some of those little packets in restaurants every time? Same with tomato ketchup, and any other sauces for that matter. You could also manage something similar with toilet paper, paper towels, etc.